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Closing date Oct 31, 2016
Sabre Support Officer - Rogers Aviation
Closing date Nov 27, 2016
Guest Relation Officer (Part-Time)
Closing date Oct 24, 2016
Stagiaire (Turbine)
ENL Limited
Closing date Nov 29, 2016
Night Auditor
Voila Bagatelle
Closing date Oct 31, 2016
F&B Supervisor - Voilà Hotel
Voila Bagatelle
Closing date Oct 31, 2016
Internal Controller - Voilà Bagatelle
Voila Bagatelle
Closing date Oct 30, 2016
Waiters/Waitress - Ocean Basket restaurant
ENL Lifestyle
Closing date Oct 30, 2016
Waiter/Waitress - Moka'z restaurant
ENL Lifestyle
Closing date Oct 30, 2016
Cooks - Ocean Basket restaurant
ENL Lifestyle
Closing date Oct 30, 2016
Kitchen Helpers - Ocean Basket restaurant
ENL Lifestyle
Closing date Oct 30, 2016
Cashiers - Ocean Basket restaurant
ENL Lifestyle
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A Few Tips
10 reasons to work
at ENL
  • 1
    Everyone is special
    We believe that every single one of our team members is special and so are you.
  • 2
    Tap into your full potential
    Our people are our most important asset, and as such benefit from career development plans and regular training.
  • 3
    Work-life balance
    Forget about 100 hours work weeks! We work hard but we also take time to play.
  • 4
    You'll never get bored. Here's an opportunity to challenge yourself and help find solutions to interesting and complex business problems.
  • 5
    As one of the largest conglomerates in Mauritius, we can offer great career opportunities.
  • 6
    Great products
    We've got brands and products that you can proudly associate yourself with, be it cars, hotel supplies, food crops…. We even built Bagatelle, currently the island's most popular hang-out.
  • 7
    Our team
    Our people are smart, passionate and genuine. We like them, we're sure you will too.
  • 8
    Proudly Mauritian!
    We want to do future generations proud and leave behind a legacy worth mentioning.
  • 9
    Clear goals
    We know where we are going, and are focused on ensuring long-term growth.
  • 10
    Medical and personal accident covers, pension scheme… and even a membership card that opens the door to a host of privileges offered in collaboration with our partners.
  • 11
    Okay, okay, we did say '10' reasons, but the group has been around for nearly two centuries. Couldn't leave that one out now, could we?!
Hector Espitalier-Noël, CEO ENL
We have a strong belief in Mauritius, its people and its potential. We aspire to create value for our stakeholders as well as the mauritian society
Issue 19
April 2016