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Job Tips

Write your CV in a professional manner that makes it easier for a recruiter to scan and read it:
  • Get rid of long paragraphs and use bullet points.
  • Focus on the most relevant information of interest to the employer.
  • Always spell out acronyms.
  • List the dates which are relevant and avoid short courses as far as possible.
  • Even though shorter CVs are generally preferred, if your qualifications and experience need an extra page, then use it.
  • List your goals, skills, qualifications and experience focused on the job you are applying for.
  • Don't list your work responsibilities, rather list your achievements.
  • Your experience and qualifications should be listed in reverse chronological order, with your last job listed first.
  • Ensure that you have included the correct telephone numbers and email address, do not leave any spelling mistake, and above all, don't lie!
  • Research the company. Go though its website, try to collect brochures or read press archives.
  • Your overall personality will be a decisive factor so work on it. For example, do not look down each time the interviewer asks a question. Ask a friend to help you by doing a simulation.
  • Everyone is nervous before an interview and this will go on until you get in the habit of doing interviews. It could be useful to practice in front of a mirror to notice your body language, and make sure it is relaxed and friendly.
  • Practice answers to frequently asked interview questions. Use examples of your skills while talking
  • Dress professionally and neatly.
  • Be on time! Test drive the route before if possible to identify potential traffic problems
  • Turn off your cell phone during the interview.
  • Do not make negative comments about your last employer.
  • Be sure you ask detailed information about the company, the duties of the position, performance expectations and the culture.